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See How Prodigies can be really SCARY : DEATH NOTE

"40 seconds, your death is decided within 40 seconds..."

Death Note is about Yagami Raitou, (Light in English) a Japanese Prodigy, the Nation's top High Schooler.. in short.. A Genius.. Light realises his ability to kill whomever he wishes, and he uses it to begin a "cleansing" of the world from evil. It does not take the police long to realise that somebody is responsible for the mysterious deaths of criminals, and he is then soon hunted by the Japanese police force and a mysterious detective known as "L". So as Light works towards his "perfect" world, devoid of crime and injustice, L works to catch the mysterious murderer, dubbed "Kira" by the press and end the increasingly senseless deaths of criminals and anyone who gets too close to the truth. L and Light soon begin a cat and mouse chase to see who will be the first to have their identities exposed.


Death Note's theme is very serious..
very complex for an "average" otaku to comprehend with.. (Actually, my mind became chaotic after reading some chapters but, you'll get the hang of it if you will take the story seriously")
This manga's leaves everyone amazed at how "L" and Light uses ingenious plans to outwit each other.

Now, I'll tell something how geniuses can be really scary...

See how, Yagami Raitou, a prodigy.. built with brains and looks... and a smile that makes girlies faint...

Turns into a psychopath...

Here's another one...

First.. He'll laugh and give a nasty grin after his killing spree...

"Ku Ku Ku Ku..."

Then, cry and wail like his pet cat was ran over by a truck..

Presenting... "L"

A disposition of what you would call a "natural genius"

Disheveled hair...
"Lemon"-like eyebags (if you know what I mean...)
shaggy clothes..
and the trademark longsleeves and jeans..

this manga is rated online as Excellent (9.17)

But, I'll just give it a 8.5 because of its parts that are toooooo complex and boring... parts where, they talk about corporational power and blah blahs like money which is unrelated to teenagers killing off each other.. o_O

sNooZe-Kun gives credit to wikipedia and animenewsnetwork for the ratings and infos


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