Saturday, September 02, 2006,12:22 AM
Yes, here comes my post-coursecardday rants...
(this one should've been long.. but since I had a safe term... this will be a quick and short post) (eh? labo..)

So in response to this :

I give this:

And at least.. I didn't got this and made a reaction like this :
( = this. post()? eh? too much "this" OBJECTP hangovers)

Well, thats all...

This one's supposed to be my post if and only if : Link
My Usual Anime Rantings and Reviews : Link
Odoru Akachan Plamo: Link

I was supposed to make a COMPASM Express Train Encore... but I lost my Kurono-Shooting the-Train-Pic so.. I wasn't able to shop one... T_T

agesoft: MUVLUV || Gacha Gacha || Coyote Ragtime Show|| Tona-Gura!


Negima OVA 1 and 2 : 2nd Week of October
Negima!? : Oct 4

Oh, there was a new Kiminozo anime in the works.. announced last August 27, Hayase Mitsuki's birthday.. (yes, erogame charas' birthdays are celebrated in Japan). MOONPHASE (teh studio) confirms it.. (aww, I was waiting for a MUVLUV anime) and something's funny since, the anime will be Haruka's route and it was announced at Mitsuki's Birthday... XD

It will be "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~ Haruka's Route" (Rejoice Kiminozo fans!!)

they say that the story is in an alternate timeline where Haruka will not be not hit by the van (not confirmed) but If it's true... then the Kimonozo essence will be lost...
(as far as I remember.. all story arcs start after Haruka was hit by the van )

then... another ROZEN MAIDEN anime by Winter!!

Rozen Maiden ~Oubertüre
(is this German or French?)

Also, I was thinking of giving Zero no Tsukaima a try.. since "I SAW ECCHI" scenes

Oh well, the supposed to be short post became long...



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