Friday, September 01, 2006,9:52 PM
Tona-Gura! Girls Next Door Harem Anime
I can't think of a better subheading.. (jeez.. I suck)
So.. off with my usual anime rantings..

(means.. neighbors.. daw XD)

MJ's Notes:

Yes, I didn't do any copypasta this time.. this one is aboutKazuki.. yes, she lives next door.. and Yuuji, the boywho lives next door to Kazuki, who lives next door (eh?) but he isn't currently next door.. (laughs at myself..)
Kazuki was waiting for about 10 years for Yuuji, because apparently, he's not currently next door.. and she had a crush on him when they were still kids, and because she didn't saw Yuuji for a long time, he depicts him as an ideal prince on a horse.. so, when Yuuji came back.. all of Kazuki's hopes are shattered because of Yuuji acting all ecchi during their reunion (yeah, he's a serial groper wannabe). And the story goes on.. adding more girls on the mix

No ratings yet, (but since I love harem anime...) nah... Tona-Gura got negative comments.. and its here on this post

I'm looking for the manga since ecchi scenes are limited for anime versions... (I'm ebul >:3)

Tona-Gura! by Hidetaka Kakei || subs by /gg


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