Thursday, September 14, 2006,12:56 AM
Midnight Random Blarrghs: Plasticbags and Ribbons

"Ollero Red no Yatsuu / The Melancholy of Red Ollero"
Pic not related.. those are To Heart 2 Girls...
just to emphasize the BD?D? OP Screenie and I LOVE KOMAKI MANAKA!!
well, these 4 are my fav chars.. and add Sasara

Red, the PlasticBagman is currently (thinks of a verb) "Haruhi-ing" (even though he denies it...)

Scenario 1:
his recent (and usual) LSS is Bouken Desho? Desho?
Scenario 2:
has plans on making a collaborative blog entitled "PBM Brigade"
Sccnario 3:
his "new and upcoming" comic strips will be called "P-ism"
Scenario 4:
before sembreak, he finished watching the series and told the world about his speculations regarding the 14th episode

*thinks.. (I'll add, after I get more info)

and out of boredom, I made these stuff...


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