Tuesday, May 09, 2006,5:17 PM
Prince of Tennis


"Potpoting" was my status message for the past month. Potpot also known as Prince of Tennis (from Riva Loren Dykimching Uy) is very addictive. I watched 178 episodes, a new years special episode, and the first OVA - A Day at the Survival Mountain. (^^,)

What makes this anime good is there are episodes that let the viewers ummm... see the other side of the characters? Watch it so would understand what I mean. (^^,)

Chibi forms are also present and this anime. (Note: Some episodes are made chibi intentionally and its quite out of the topic) Characters cracks jokes out of the blue which makes it more hilarious. No objects come out from no where except THAT JUICE!!! (^^,)

I suppose this anime is all about friendship and making the right decisions in life. All in all I give this anime a 4 thumbs up! (Including the feet) (^^,)

I'll give another update after I watch the OVA - National Tournament and the Prince of Tennis the Movie. (^^,)

(I think my post suck Y_Y)

(thanks theotaku.com for the picture)


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