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Psycho Killer Lolis: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

The Moment the Cicadas Cry...

Plot Summary: On one hot summer day in 1983, a transfer student named Maebara Keiichi comes to a peaceful rural village in Hinamizawa. There, he befriends his classmates Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko. Accepted as a full-fledged member of the "club," Keiichi and the gang plays all sorts of activities ranging from card and board games to hide-and-seek. People will remember that THIS was how playing used to be before the advent of video games. But just as Keiichi was beginning to be assimilated in simple rural life, he stumbles upon the dark history of Hinamizawa. Dam contruction project. Violent demonstrations. Kidnapping and extortion. ARM-AND-LEG DISMEMBERMENT MURDER. As Keiichi dives deeper into the mystery, he finds that his new found friends may not be all what they claim to be.


So, what the hell is this? LOLI... yes.. LOLI, but not your ordinary kawaii lolis out there giving MOE to hardcore fanboys... These are special... PSYCHO KILLER LOLIS
I stumbled on this one when I was on my daily direct d/l link hunt.. so, yes.. I saw this one under "favorites" in JaguarPowered and didn't even bother checking it... since I was caught with the Haruhi Fever last summer and also having fun watching some Strawberry Panic yuri action with thy avalon...
Few days later and Wannabefansubs haven't updated yet and we're itching to get a School Rumble fix that week.. so Louie got his Naruto and Tori got another Yuri series (Simoun). And I decided to get this one and give it a try. And of course, the first thing that I'll hit is AnimeNewsNetwork for Ratings and I got a whopping 8.8! Nice really.. and the genre Psychological bugged me..

So, ratings and reviews. The animation is good, the lolis are rendered as if they'll give fanboys a bloody MOE.. The story keeps you craving for more and lets you blame JaguarPowered for putting a download limit,and since this one got a detective-like story.. it falls into mystery, I guess..

If you've watched Monster, or Detective School Q and liked it... you'll be getting hints on this one..

and here's a bonus cap...

An axe wielding loli.. lol

credits goes to WinD fansubs, for the releases, AnimeNewsNetwork and the Other linkies posted above
2006 7th Expansion; Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Production Group


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