Thursday, May 11, 2006,9:10 PM
MJ's Anime Summer Watch List Countdown 2
nothing.. I've just translated the characters below "Rumble" :p

So, basically... School Rumble is a manga series written by Kobayashi Jin. The manga first appeared in Shonen Magazine in 2002. The series was adapted into a number of alternate forms, including two seasons of anime, two OVAs, and a live action play. The story follows the everyday lives of a group of high school students.

And what's new about this series is it continues the latest manga volumes (since the first season ended in Vol 8 of the manga and it's currently Volume 12)

MJ's notes
So, its like the previous season.. but only with a bigger budget... why? coz, the animations are cleaner and they usually use CGs..

Other Notes
>Shown in Tokyo TV every Wednesday, Primetime.
>Animation by Media Factory
(yeah... same as Kiminozo which is now a legendary erogame based anime)
>no definite number of episodes yet, but it will run a complete season (13 eps)

So.. what's interesting?
>Tenma is still thickheaded
>Eri-chan definitely likes Hige (Harima)
>Akira, gains the spotlight and still reserved
>Miko-Chan, still level "D"
>Harima, still misunderstood
>Karasuma, still loves curry and kappas
>Yakumo, misunderstood too..

That's it? F'n BSPLAYER!! I guess I'll do episode highlights if my BSPLAYER is fixed


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