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100% Pure Otakuness!!!


The "Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" is also known as Genshiken for short. Thats kinda weird right? But hey all of the episode's titles are weird anyway! See it for yourself. (Episode titles below) (^^,)

Genshiken is a club in Shiiou University. Most of its members are otakus. (Note: Otaku - is an obsessive hobbyist such as an anime fanatic) The first season is just 12 episodes. Quite short but its great! A very detailed and very polished anime. An anime that takes you to the side of an otaku's life. It makes you realize that otakus are not weird people. They just can't help being one and they are just being their self. Expressing one's feelings in short. Take a ride to the wild side of an otaku! I suggest you get a copy before somebody licenses it. (For copies contact Snooze - kun)(^^,)

I'm looking forward to the next season of this anime and I think its coming this October. Not quite sure about that date but we'll keep you updated. (^^,)

Genshiken Episodes

>Episode 1 - Study of the Modern Visually-Oriented Culture
>Episode 2 - Comparative Classification of the Modern Youth Through Consumption and Entertainment
>Episode 3 - Problems and Merits of Local Culture Promotion
>Episode 4 - The Sublimating Effects of the Dissimilation Brought on Through Makeup and Costume on Mental Obstacles
>Episode 5 - Limits of Rejection and Reception as Observed in Autonomous Behaviour
>Episode 6 - Theory of the Individual Outside the Boundaries of the Subculture
>Episode 7 - Aspects of Behavioral Selection in Interpersonal Relationships
>Episode 8 - Comparative Research in Production Models and Processes
>Episode 9 - Concerning the Existence of an Expository Requirement under Special Non-social Circumstances
>Episode 10 - Leisure Time Expenditures on Fetishism Considered as an Economic Result
>Episode 11 - The Theory of the Existence of Malice Within Urban Crimes
>Episode 12 - The Countermeasures for the Issues that Occur during the Reorganization of a Group

I told yah the titles are weird but funny! (^^,)

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