Friday, September 22, 2006,9:21 PM
Meidos and Gatling Guns: Blood-Over-
(9th NIGHT || Comiket 70)

After a week of downloading 144MB (I'm on dial up), I finally get a chance to rape maids.. not.. to rape monsters with bullets and kicks.. and get help from a maid that only knows how to say "Daijobou desu ka? Ojousama?" or shout "OJOU-SAMA!!" when you got monster-raped and finally, wield a gatling gun without feeling the recoil.

The controls, are too basic: A=Fire gun (tap for combo) B= Kick C= Call Meido and of course, the arrows for movement

you can also initiate specials by doing the pressing the buttons for hadouken in SF if and only if you have sufficient BloodPower (ala DMC)

Chaining combos can be tedious at first since you must time it correctly (I didn't even know that I can connect the kicks and the gunshots!) and you can also add the maid in your combos.

so, I won't type more.. so as not to spoil people and because I'm a fucktard, I hate fanboys and I won't give this to ITC .. (the pain of d/l-ing via dialup!)


Meido in Akushon!

2 more lolis to add to the fun.. too bad they're not playable..

And ooooh I love scythe-weilding lolis

Oh My! The Main Gunslinger LOLI is MAD and gets 1.5X bonus damage

2nd Stage's boss... A Priest.. Priests are BADASSES...
for instance, HELLSING's Anderson

What to do if you encounter a red-eyed dog in the bridge? SHOOT IT!

Blood-Over- 9thNight || Comiket 70


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