Friday, October 13, 2006,9:02 PM
Super Robot Wars Original Generation TV
Super Robot Wars Original Generation
~Divine Wars~

Story Synopsis:
You don't need to know the synopsis.. play the game dammit! lol
So far for episode 1, I guess the anime will show the first game's main story, their Battle with the DC and the Aerogaters.

My Notes:
For the animation, I say that I like the OVA's better. But,the robots in this one are CG unlike the OVA's robots (I prefer that one, like the old mech animes XD). For the first parts of the game the anime, in my opinion, portrays it well. Also there are some modifications in the story like Tenzan being introduced early..

So, I'll be adding this to my D/L Watchlist.

The Robots

Team ATX

Team SRX

SRWOG Project 2006 || Team Iwasa


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