Thursday, October 26, 2006,3:12 PM
Me, Animation Studios and Producers.. lol
I was watching the Kanon remake when this topic popped out of my mind.Instead of talking about and comparing different shows, how about do it generally... by studios.

These are the most commons ones, or at least the ones I remember, and watched

Kyoto Animation - most of their shows left a huge impact on me, like "I want more!" and "Oh my, this is full of win and awesome". KyoAni specializes on animating to the fullest detail, great cameraworks, great art.. and they're good at compressing long stories into 12 -13 episodes without missing the highlights. Comparing GONZO's version of Full Metal Panic! and the KyoAni version, KyoAni's version animated the novel artistically, without the action overlapping the main story.

GONZO - known for rewriting the original story of their source, even GONZO originals! And most of their shows tells us that... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CG! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ACTION. It's Fanservice lol.

PIERROT - this studio got most of their projects from JUMP, and most of their shows lasts for more than 3 seasons or has 40+ episodes. (HikaGO, YuYuHakusho, BLEACH, Naruto, DSQ). Yes, they love making little boys happy.

J.C. Staff - as far as I remember, most of the JC Staff shows that I've watched has at least ECCHI content in it. Tori said, most of their shows are drama, romance blah blah.. Yeah, drama with a little dose of Ecchiness in it.. (Ai Yori Aoshi). But, most of their shows.. made FANBOYS happy.

Production I.G/Xebec/Bee Train - yep, different names.. yet, one group

Most of production I.G's anime I've seen has serious themes...yep verrrrrryyyyy serious. (Evangelion, Blood+ Ghost in the Shell)

XEBEC, these guys are the ones behind anime with toys (Bakusou Kyoudai Let's and Go, Rockman) yes, they make kids happy.. veeerrry happy.

Bee Train, I only remember .hack and Honey and Clover... oh well, I like both.

Sunrise - they produce, except for the movie versions of the anime wherein they are involved in the animation.. most of their anime I love are classics, MECHA ANIME!! they have Gundams, Tadao Nagahama's Romance Super Robot Trilogy, and lotsa Super Robots anime.

MadHouse - most of the madhouse anime I've watched have uber Opening and Ending animations backed up with an uber soundtrack. (for instance Death Note, and Paradise Kiss.. I love their OP lol ) AND UBER GREAT INTRODUCTION EPISODE or Episode 1 to make it short. But as you continue with the series, the animation degrades, from medium to poor.. you'll see unproportioned bodies, characters that are crossed eyed or eyes way off on the other side, the left cheek bigger that the right.. and stuff.. oh well... Previous comment only applies to Ichigo 100%. Taking back my words, lol.. I realized that most of the anime that I saw in AXN are Madhouse Productions lol.. and teh art is great (GALAXY ANGELS!!) I remembered DNA2 is also from madhouse.. hehe those are some of my favorites hehe..


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