Wednesday, April 04, 2007,8:36 PM
First post of the Year.. YA RILY

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Ok that's that.. somehow, I feel very lazy updating this blog.. reasons are:

  • I switched to Blogger Beta.. Loading times are kinda crappy
  • 1 u53 7h3 u83r DLSU |)14L |_|P
  • To many school work..
  • I lost my supposed to be blog articles that are saved in notepad.
  • Internet is crappy
  • Anime marathons took most of my time
  • Got a job
  • Busy bashing Death Note fangirls in a local forum
  • Too many Cabbages and uncensored Cabbages
  • no moar disk space left
  • Busy decorating my resume (ya know.. taking lotsa extra-curriculars )
Blogger's WYSIWYG editor is crappy... when I get a decent interweb... I'll clean this blog


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