Monday, June 25, 2007,12:07 AM
Air TV Licensing Woes

Remember the anime that has midschoolers with developed bodies and adults the looks like mid-schoolers? It was LICENSED, by ADV

Looking at this banner, made me (a Key/Visual Arts) fan pissed..

and yes, it is "a true work of art".. say w00t! for Newtype USA

<Clickie for a biggie>

Why? Sure it was produced by Kyoto Animation.. yet any Key Series doesn't need a Suzumiya Haruhi in its publicity. Somehow this made Air's publicity a desperation move.. AIR TV can stand by itself! dammit!

No doubts, SHnY itself was a success, but without AIR TV, Haruhi won't have a pillar for its supports.. the director and the studio became know for AIR's Quality.. even 5 years before a lot of fans are anticipating/begging for a US release

BTW, Noizi Ito and Nagaru Tanigawa isn't with Key.. so it should be "from the studio who brought The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi"

Meh, I wish they wouldn't do this to future CLANNAD and Kanon releases.
PS: Meh, Kanna is still hot..

ADV's AIR TV Website

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