Thursday, July 26, 2007,9:25 PM
After months of looking for someone to get it for me (thanks, DJ!), days setting up my portable HDD, since my lappy can't PLAY HIGH HIGH QUALITY BluRay Movied and weeks of slacking... I finally found time to watch PAPRIKA.

First, a brief introduction:

The DC Mini is a breakthrough in pstchology, allowing the therapist to enter their patient's dream and find out more about their illnesses and of course, find ways to treat them.

Paprika is a dream world entity and the alter ego of
Atsuko Chiba which is known for her involvement in the DC Mini Project. Atsuko consults her patients as Paprika and as a rouge therapist.

But, what if DC Mini fell to the wrong hands and used for conquering the dream world? (similar with the xxxHolic explanations where all of our dreams are intertwined ) It's up to Paprika to stop their evil plan.

My Notes:

Story-wise, I may say it's filled with common elements. An Ebul Plan, and a hero(ine) to stop it. But, Art-wise and how the story is served in the big screen made go ooooh while watching it. Made me think if Satoshi Kon was creative or just plain nuts, but hell after watching this and his other works, Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers, I therefore conclude that he got a seat along with the gods of anime.

My inner self is battling whether to be or not to be like this guy..

2 of the main characters, a big tub of lard and Paprika's RL self
  • A Genius
  • Girls dig fat guys
  • He's a huge tub of lard
  • I don't wanna have a neck like that lol

Paprika, in a fanservice moment

Professor Big Eyes, watch the movie and you'll find his hilarity

Decide: Creativity or just plain Insanity?

Note: oh, BTW... that guy in a suit, smiling retardedly is a a main character... and has a major influence in the story.

Paprika || Satoshi Kon, Sony Pictures, MADHOUSE Studio


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